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The Bible is True for Us, Today!

Frequently, we read the Bible and agree with it. We read familiar verses like John 3:16, and believe them to be true, but we often forget that they apply to you and me, in 2015, in our county today. It is an interesting and profitable experiment to adjust some of the words in certain verses

The Redemption of Antioch

The other day, my wife and I were driving through Antioch on the way to visit some friends. Our trek was from Brierfield to West Blocton, and though I did not need to drive through Antioch, I specifically went that route because I wanted to see the geography in early spring. I love south-central Bibb

Psalm 1 and Bibb County, Part 3: The Rule of Righteousness

Recently, we have been going through a study on Psalm 1 and its meaning for Bibb county. In the first paper, we looked at what this Psalm said about God; in the second, we looked at our duties as men and women. In this third paper, we will look at what this passage says about

Who’s in Control: God or Satan?

In my opinion, Satan gets way too much credit. Too often professing Christians will put the blame on Satan for just about anything they believe is negative. They treat him as if he’s in control of this world; indeed, as if he is more powerful than his Creator, God the Father. I believe this is

Psalm 1 and Bibb County, Part 2: Man’s Duties

In this series of papers, we are looking at Psalm 1 as it applies to Bibb county. The first paper was a brief look at what this Psalm tells us about God; in this paper, we will look briefly at some things it says about man. In verse 1, we read that the man is

Psalm 1 and Bibb County, Part 1: God the Lord

Psalm 1 is an important psalm for us to study in Bibb County, because it shows us the future of our county and explains how to get there. Because this psalm is “inspired by God,” it is “profitable for…instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be thoroughly furnished unto every good work” (2