“Why Not Freedom?” Conference MP3s

Why-Not-Freedom-cover-artIn October 2014, The Wallace Group hosted a private conference in Brierfield addressing our duties to actively evangelize Bibb County.

The theme of the conference was Let’s Discuss: Why Not Freedom? Our guest speaker was Tim Yarbough. The mp3s from the conference are now available to download. If you care about the future of Bibb County and hope to see liberty and morality restored at a local level, these lectures will enlighten and encourage you.

Session 1, mp3: Download or listen here.

Session 2, mp3: Download or listen here.

Session 3, mp3: Download or listen here.

Session 4, mp3: Download or listen here.

Zip file containing all four sessions, mp3: Download here.

TIM YARBROUGH is passionate about the development of Christian businesses, the cultivation of genuine community, and the faithful application of the Gospel to all of life.

He not only casts a vision for significant local effort by Christians, but as a successful entrepreneur and business owner/developer, Tim has personally invested in the lives of hundreds of young men through apprenticeship and mentorship training.

For churches, businesses, and families, he has taught classes on Christian stewardship, character-exampled leadership and management philosophy, and the Christian foundations of free-enterprise. He looks forward to the significant opportunities that the coming collapse of America’s 150 year experiment with socialism/fascism will furnish for private enterprise to once again demonstrate the superiority of the Christian social system governed by God’s Word.

Tim and Deborah have three married children and six grandchildren, and are active in their church and the community of Lawrence County, Alabama.